2nd Procedure: 3rd Month

Greetings, y’all!

As of today, it’s been 15 months since my first hair transplant procedure and 3 months since my 2nd one.  It’s been a fun month since my last post.  A couple of trips to the beach and other sights, attended the Jerry Springer show, rekindled some old friendships, and my favorite season (Summer) isn’t ready to go away – not a bad month.

And sports have been fun to watch.  Football is great – Penn State is ranked no. 3 and 6-0 and mostly impressive.  The Saints were impressive the last 2 wins and have restored hope.  Their defense has been as porous as Swiss cheese in the last several years.  Even my high school alma mater is doing great with a fluke loss and unbeaten in division play while putting up great stats on both sides of the ball.  The Twins had a solid season after a disaster 2016 season and lost a heartbreaker to the Yankees but I’m really surprised the Indians blew it.  Not too shocked the USA did not qualify for the World Cup…NHL is on its way and NBA is around the corner.

Anyway, time for hair.

As of now, what’s visible is only the result from procedure #1.  Three months past the year mark, the hairs may be more refined and denser but that’s really it.  What you see is what you get.  The transplanted hairs are here for good.

There’s still some redness and a numb feeling in the front.  The scar is still slightly tender.  I can feel the eyelet holes where the stitches were.  I don’t think the scar stretched but at 1/2″, my trained eye can detect something of a scar because there’s some shock loss.  This should take 3-6 months to come back, hopefully.

Now it’s time to wait for the transplanted hairs from procedure #2 to sprout.  This should start in about a month, a month earlier than last year.  This year, I think it’ll be a little hard to tell since there’s already hairs there.  Last year, the hairs were thin and a little scraggly; they were easy to notice in the mirror since there was nothing before.  I believe I won’t notice an increase in thickness until a few months after…maybe around month 7.

Waiting is hard but I’m excited to see how my investment pays out over the course of the following 6-9 months.  I’m cautiously optimistic but if everything goes right, I should be back to around 70%, at least 60% and 80% at best.  This should hopefully be much closer to my goal and look really good, but I have a feeling there’s gonna be a slight hint of scalp on the sides.

I can only hope for the best and try to contain my excitement and exercise patience for now.

Here’s a set of pics taken today while I had hair concealer which I put in earlier when I went out.  Just showing it because this is my ideal look on the top.  Now once those peaks come out a little farther and thicken up and someday when I fill in that scar, I’d be set!


Here’s a set taken in my room after I washed out the concealer.  The lighting is decent but today is cloudy and rainy so that might have helped.  These were taken with a Samsung Galaxy S7 which is a pretty good phone.20171012_15142120171012_15142520171012_15143120171012_151442

I think before my last post, I shaved my head with a No. 4 guard.  I can’t remember as I type this – maybe it was between the last and today’s.  I think I’m do for another one…I might use a No. 5 instead.  This is the only other difference which really isn’t related to the actual hair transplant.

The last set of photos was taken in the bathroom where it’s much, much brighter.  I figured I’d show both settings – brightly lit and typical, dimmer settings – just to show I’m not manipulating anything.

Month 4 is around the corner.  This is when we should start seeing some growth.  I’m excited to see what happens.  Thanks for reading and you seeing you next month!



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